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Buy Kratom Bulk USA Review- Kratom Variety, Quality, and Quantity & Save Big

Once I discovered Kratom, there was no going back. The benefits for me were life-changing. Studies have shown that Kratom has a wide range of benefits and uses. I know that it helps keep me going on long days and wind down after even the most stressful days at work. So, when there is a vendor with great reviews and high-quality Kratom, I always check them out.

There are thousands of Kratom vendors online, and it’s critical to find one that you can trust when placing an order. Getting the best quality Kratom and the highest customer service are two things that take utmost priority. With Buy Kratom Bulk USA, you can be assured that they know what quality means and care about their customers and provide quick and thoughtful service.

I’ve done the work, so you don’t have to by looking at the company history, what strains of Kratom they offer, along with reviews, price, and quality.

About Buy Kratom Bulk USA

Buy Kratom Bulk USA has been in the kratom industry for over a decade. That extensive experience has allowed them to become one of the best vendors around. They survived the FDA crackdowns and panic buying phases and have gotten the seal of approval from Kratomation with a range of positive reviews.

It takes unbelievable customer service to survive in the Kratom industry. Customers are unforgiving, and one lousy batch can be enough to sink a vendor. So for them to have been in business so long says loads about the quality of the product they sell.

The Good And the Bad

What Buy Kratom Bulk USA does really well.

  • High-quality Powders
  • Premade Capsules
  • Great Variety
  • Fantastic Prices
  • Good Reviews
  • Kratomation Approved
  • Bitcoin Payment Option
  • Quick Shipping
  • Specialty Strains
  • Sales and Specials
  • Lots of Information

Where they have room to improve.

  • No Paypal
  • No Vemo
  • No Testing Information
  • No Free Samples
  • No Extracts

Product Reviews from Customers

“I’ve been doing business with this company for about a year now. They have a large selection, something for everyone at a great price. Their customer service department resolved any questions and concerns I had within a couple of business days at most. Find your flavors and enjoy.”

I’ve been dealing with BBK for a couple of years and have always gotten a good product at a great price. Orders are shipped out very quickly and well packaged. I’ve also dealt with customer service a few times. A while back, I believe they had some internal issues, but the last few times I’ve dealt with them, they’ve responded promptly and solved the problem right away with courtesy and professionalism. I highly recommend these folks.”

Powdered Kratom Selection

With new mixes and so many popular strains, there are tons of options. From reds that are more for relaxation to whites to give that afternoon pickup, here are some of my favorite strains from Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

Bali Kratom

  • Bali Kratom is always a go-to strain for me. In powdered form, BKU offers a Red Bali Kratom. This is one of the most in-demand powders around and can be hard to come by. There’s some debate about how this strain came to be, it’s either a cross between Borneo and Sumatra, or it may be explicitly grown in the Indonesian jungle. Either way, it’s one of the most sought-after products on the market.
  • Red Bali is popular for those who have insomnia, suffer from chronic pain issues, and especially those with anxiety-based disorders. For me, this strain is perfect for winding down at night; it’s better than a big glass of red wine. It’s got a slow, steady feel that makes that high-stress job fade into memory.

The prices are reasonable, and they offer savings as you go up in size to 1kg. Finally, however, they sell up to 5kg, saving you almost 25.00 off the 1kg price.

Kratom Red Bali - červený kratom -

Bali Kratom
Price$20.00, $37.99, $63.99, $84.99, $185.00, $265.00, $340.00, $400.00
Amount100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg (1000g), 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 10kg

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Lucky 7 Kratom

  • Lucky 7 Kratom is unique to Buy Kratom Bulk USA. They have taken all their experience and understanding of the individual strains and picked the ones that work best together. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been mixing your kratom powder for years, even if it’s just putting those last bits out of the bag together to make a full tea. However, when it comes to large-scale blends, I leave it up to the experts, and my all-time favorite combination is Lucky 7.
  • Lucky 7, as you can guess, got its name from the fact that they have mixed the seven best strains of Kratom to create something altogether unique.

This mix includes: Super Green Malay, Red Maeng DA, Green MAeng DA, Red Bali, Gold Bali, Elephant, and White Maeng Da. These are among the best sellers in the kratom world.

  • To give you an example of the quality of products that go into this mix, the Gold Bali alone is one of the most amazing strains out there. Gold kratom is produced differently than other kratoms. It’s a part of the drying process that allows the leaves to keep that golden color and changes the process slightly. But it’s also tricky to do.
  • To create a gold leaf, the sunlight has to be significantly regulated as soon as the leaves start to dry. As you can imagine, in the climates that Kratom grows, this can prove a significant challenge for manufactures. However, it’s part of what makes this one of the most valuable mixes on the market.

Even though this is such a distinctive product, the prices are still affordable. Here’s a breakdown of the prices from their smallest bag up. With steeper discounts if you order the 5kg package.

Canada Kratom Express | Buy Kratom Online | Red Bali

Lucky 7 Kratom
Price$20.00, $37.99, $63.99, $84.99, $185.00, $265.00, $340.00, $400.00
Amount100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg (1000g), 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 10kg

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Horn Kratom

  • This one always goes in my shopping bag when I’m making an order. Horn is an exciting strain that can be difficult to get your hands on. That’s why I never pass up a chance to get a little extra.
  • Green Horn is what’s available in the powdered form on Buy Bulk Kratom USA. This strain comes directly from Borneo and is produced in limited supply. Its name, however, comes from the interesting look and the shape of the leaves. Most Kratom leaves have soft, smooth edges. In contrast, the horned variety has a different texture and shape. It looks somewhat like it’s covered in horns because it’s got thorns.
  • It has a higher alkaloid level than the typical kratom strains. As a result, the green vein of this variety has become increasingly popular among those looking for more energy, increased focus, and that utter euphoric feeling.

Green Horn Kratom Powder

Horn Kratom

Price$20.00, $37.99, $63.99, $84.99, $185.00, $265.00, $340.00, $400.00
Amount100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg (1000g), 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 10kg

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Elephant Kratom

  • Last on my must-have list when picking powdered options at Buy Kratom Bulk USA is Elephant Kratom. Elephant Kratom is renowned for its ability to provide stimulation and a euphoric state.
  • The leaves on this strain are the reason it’s called elephant. Each leaf is much larger than the average leaves of a Kratom Plant.
  • Buy Bulk Kratom USA offers a Super Green Elephant Kratom that is absolutely packed with alkaloids.
  • These big leaves grow in the deepest parts of the rainforest. Because it’s more elusive, it can be harder to get ahold of. I always make sure I buy extra, so I don’t run out.

Again, you’d think that the quality of this product would drive up the price, but they still offer it at the same discounted rates. They also have much bigger options, up to 5 Kilograms, in case you want to stockpile.

Best Kratom For Sleep And Relaxing | Organa Kratom

Super Green Elephant Kratom
Price$20.00, $37.99, $63.99, $84.99, $185.00, $265.00, $340.00, $400.00
Amount100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg (1000g), 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 10kg

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More Powder Strains to Choose From

Currently, Buy Kratom Bulk USA offers fifteen different Kratom powders.  Those listed in my personal favorites above, and also

  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Super Indo
  • White Vein Maeng Da
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Sumatra
  • Red Borneo
  • Super Green Malay
  • Yellow Vietnam, and Thai

Kratom Powder

On top of that, they have created their own House Special blend, a combination of different strains of Green Maeng Da.

Packaging is also a big deal when it comes to Kratom, and Buy Kratom Bulk USA has kept that in mind. When you buy large batches, it’s vital that the packaging be resistant to the elements and resealable, and they’ve managed to do just that.

Capsuled Kratom in Easier to Swallow Form

Kratom in powdered form is fine for home use, but if you’ve ever tried mixing it or taking it along somewhere, it can quickly become a disaster. Powders are so finely ground that they are similar to dust; the slightest breeze can make a quick mess. In addition, Kratom has an acquired taste, and many people prefer to buy it in capsule form. Capsules are much easier to take along if you have to travel or need to have your Kratom with you out of the house.


They also offer most of the same strains for capsules as they do for powders, including

  • Thai
  • White Sumatra
  • Red Vein Indo
  • Green Super Indo
  • Yellow Vietnam
  • Super Grene Elephant
  • Red Borneo
  • Super Green Malay
  • Gold Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • White Maneng Da
  • Red Mange Da
  • Red Bali
  • Horn
  • Lucky 7
  • House Special
Gel Capsule
Buy Bulk Kratom, USA, offers a range of products in gel capsule form for these very reasons. These gel caps are packed with Kratom at a GMP-compliant location to ensure they meet consistency and quality standards.


Driving the vegetarian capsule market to new heights

 Kratom Capsule
Price$42.99, $63.99, $84.99, $128.99
Amount250grams, 500grams, 750grams, 1000grams

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If you’ve seen the prices that Kratom is going for in small local head shops these days, you’ll be stunned by these much more affordable options.

The Three Best Ways to Save Big at Bulk Buy Kratom USA

1First up, it’s in their name. The more you buy, the better the discounts are going to be. For example, a 200g bag of Kratom of any variety is 20.00. A Kilo, on the other hand, is 84.99. They are so giving you around fifteen dollars off for the larger amount. If you want to go all out, you can buy for the long-long term and go with the 5 Kilo package and save yourself 25.00 off what the price would be per Kilo.

2Next up, when you’re ordering, pay attention to the checkout. They offer some serious discounts when placing an order. For instance, right now, they’re running a special on the Maeng Da Supreme at a whopping 25% off. You won’t see this deal until you’re in the select payment section of the checkout process

3And of course, the tried-and-true thrifty shoppers friendly coupon applies here as well. They offer you an 8% discount coupon right on their website. While you’re there, it’s also wise to sign up for their newsletter. Companies often send exclusive offers through email on these types of products. So, keep them out of spam and remember to check your emails around holidays, and before you place an order.

Kratom And Legality

Kratom is legal federally in the U.S. However, some states have placed specific restrictions and regulations or laws, as well as some cities. So before attempting to place an order, it’s best to check your local laws and regulations. You can find out more about the legality of Kratom and pending or current legislation in the U.S. through the AKA.

Shipping Policies and Returns

Because of those state and local legal issues, we do not ship to the following locations.


  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Washington D.C.
  • Wisconsin
  • Vermont

Cities & Counties:

  • San Diego
  • CA
  • Oceanside
  • CA
  • Sarasota
  • FL
  • Denver
  • CO
  • Union County
  • MS, and Jerseyville
  • IL

All products ship from the USA, and all shipping is done through USPS First Class. If your order is placed before 2 pm PST on a weekday, it goes out the same day. They don’t do orders on weekends, so anything after 2 pm on Friday will be sent the following Monday. They are also closed on holidays, so any orders placed during holidays will be shipped the next business day.


  • All returns must be in unopened packages, and you are responsible for shipping costs.
  • There is a 30-day return window from the date your package arrives.
  • You must also have proof of purchase to make a return.

Overall: Quality and Quantity

  • When you look at all the facts, the good certainly outweighs the bad, so I can’t use PayPal to make my purchases, but BitCoin is acceptable. They sell high-quality Kratom that has high alkaloid levels, and they’ve been in the industry long enough to prove they do what they say.
  • I’m thrifty, so the more for less options always tend to get my attention, and they do offer some fantastic discounts.
  • I’ll continue to buy from Buy Kratom Bulk, USA, as long as they keep offering excellent customer service and some of the best Kratom around.


Q- What type of packaging does it come in?
A- The shipping package has no mention of Kratom anywhere on the labels. The address is listed under Bulk Botanics, and there is nothing to disclose what your order is.
Q- How long does it take to get my order?
A- Orders are shipped on the same day almost always. They work with USPS, which means we can send Monday through Saturday. They send everything first class mail because they've found it is fastest. One of the consistent comments on reviews is that they get their products out quickly.
Q- How do I get my tracking number?
A- As soon as a product is shipped, your tracking number will be emailed. So, you should expect it within 24 hours generally. If you lose the email, they provide the tracking number on the accounts page of their website as well. If you check out as a guest and lose the email, you can contact c customer service, and they'll do their best to get you the tracking information.
Q- Do you provide free samples?
A- Currently, free samples aren't something they provide. They do, however, believe 100% in their product and give a money-back guarantee. If you by some chance aren't happy with your purchase, contact customer service, and they will do what they can to make it right. The product says delivered, but it's nowhere to be found, now what? Go directly to the contact us page, and the customer service department will help figure out what's going on.
Q- Am I having trouble checking out?
A- First, make sure you've correctly entered all the numbers and information. Your bank may have flagged the transaction, and that means it needs approval. Some banks even offer this as a text or application notification so that you may fix it quickly. If not, contact the customer service department of the bank you are with. If neither of these is the problem, change the payment choice to PMC Gold. This redirects to a different option for payment. If you're still struggling with your bank card or credit card, the following suggestion would be to use BitCoin. This also helps hide the order from your bank or credit statements.
Q- What is the legal issue?
A- Kratom has faced some legal challenges in states over the last few years. It is federally legal but not legal in every state. If you want to make sure your order will be successful, check your local laws or with the AKA reports on the current legal status in your state. Because of these issues, they do not ship to states or counties where it is illegal.
Q- What about the FDA?
A- As of right now, the FDA has not approved Kratom. They, however, offer high-quality Kratom while they do their best to follow any requirements or regulations. But unfortunately, the products are not approved by the FDA.
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