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Bully Sticks Review: Picking the Best Bully Sticks For Your Dog

I struggled with entertaining my dog for a long while before I knew what to do. We all know how hard it is to keep these furry friends distracted. Dogs love to chew, so the best way to relieve boredom is to buy your pet a chew. Not all dog chews are the same; bully sticks are the most popular and long-lasting. They will also keep the dog’s gums and teeth healthy. Most of them are made from high protein beef muscle, mainly bull penis. I know it sounds revolting, but dogs love them. With that said, read on to find some of the best bully sticks and more information that you need to know.

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Top Picks

10-Inch Curly Bully Stick

  • This particular bully stick is suitable for both small and big dogs. It doesn’t matter what size of pet you have. It can provide hours of chew, which is ideal because you won’t have to buy another chew anytime soon.
  • It contains one ingredient; you don’t have to worry about additives like flavors, colors, or preservatives that are harmful to the dog. Curly sticks are easy to hold; the dog will not have trouble holding them in position while they chew.
  • This will be a nutritious, healthy treat that keeps your dog entertained and happy.

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12-Inch Thick Odor-Free Bully Stick

  • These are wide bully sticks that provide a lot of chew time for the dogs. They are suitable for all dogs, no matter the size. The sticks are highly nutritious, tasty, and digestible.
  • Not only are they delicious treats for the pet, but they also reduce bacteria on teeth. The hours of chew time will provide your dog with strong jaw muscles.
  • A smaller dog can get more hours of chew time from the stick compared to a big dog. These all-natural chews are also odor-free, although the smell may slowly return after coming into contact with the dog’s saliva.

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12-Inch Jumbo Bully Stick

  • If you are looking for the thickest bully stick high in protein and contain only one ingredient, look no further. You should ensure your dog has fresh breath and strong, healthy teeth at all times.
  • One way to do that is to buy the pet these sticks. They will enjoy chewing and the benefits that come with the bully stick. However, these thick sticks are mostly ideal for strong large chewers.
  • It can be a little overwhelming for a small dog. Give your pet something safe to chew on so they don’t look for other unsafe options.

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6-Inch Braided Bully Stick

  • These bully sticks are braided together to form one long-lasting and strong stick that your dog can chew on for hours. They are great for promoting dental hygiene and health.
  • The thickness matter a lot when buying a bully stick for your dog. When it’s too thin, it will only last for a few minutes. It should also not be too thick for the size of your dog.
  • These bully sticks don’t contain any preservatives or chemicals. Even a small dog can enjoy chewing on them because they are not too large. You should try a bully stick if you have been having trouble with your dog.

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Bully Sticks Vs. Rawhide

This has to be the greatest debate for most pet owners. Technically, there is no incorrect choice between the two. But the trend of dog chews and treats is moving towards bully sticks. That is because of their all-natural status, and they are highly digestible.

Bully Sticks

  • Pet health is crucial when you have one or two dogs. That is why you should always go for top-shelf healthy products. With plenty of styles and sizes to fit every type of dog, bully sticks are slowly replacing rawhide on pet isles in most stores. The sticks are crucial for your dog’s dental health.


  • Both bully sticks and rawhide can last from a couple of days to weeks, depending on the chewing power and size of the treat. However, with rawhide, you have to be wary of possible choking hazards because of broken pieces. But since bully sticks are digestible by all dog breeds, this will not be a concern.

What to Look For When Getting Bully Sticks

The first thing to consider is the chewing power of your pet. Most pet parents are attracted by the oral health benefits of these sticks. So they always go for the thickest bully sticks without considering the size of their dogs. As much as thick sticks last longer, you should consider getting a treat your dog will enjoy with ease. You should also consider your budget. There are economical options that can save you a significant amount of cash. We have a meat lovers variety pack, for example, that contains different treats. Your dog will get different types of treats, and you won’t have to spend more money to make it happen.

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#1- How Long Do Bully Sticks Last?

It depends on how long and thick the bully sticks are and how small or big your dog is. A stick that takes a couple of hours for a big dog may take a few days for a small dog.

#2- Are Bully Sticks The Best Chew For My Dog?

Yes, they are. Bully sticks are high in nutrition and low in fats. They are also digestible, which makes them very safe for your dog. They will also keep the dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

#3- Is It Okay To Give Bully Sticks To Puppies?

Yes. As long as your puppy can eat hard food and chew hard treats, you can give them bully sticks. These sticks are a great option for puppies because they provide the same health benefits as big dogs.

#4- Can I Give Bully Sticks To My Dog Every Day?

As much as the sticks are healthy, stick to the recommended amount. Don’t give more than once a day. For most dogs, twice or thrice every week is enough.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; the best bully sticks with additional tips. Explore the four options above and see which stick fits your dog the most. They are highly digestible and only contain one ingredient. You have to ensure the products you are buying are the best and safe for your dog. That is why the brand you go with matters a lot. But one thing is certain; your dog will be very entertained with bully stick treats.

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