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Rocketbook Wave Review – The End is Nigh For Traditional Notebooks


As someone who writes constantly, I can attest that I have somewhere around 30 or more notebooks full at my house. These contain anything from song lyrics to poetry, school work, and love letters never delivered. Notebooks are almost quintessential to an intellectual’s experience in life.

But all of those notebooks take up so much space, and over time my rampant penciling fade more and more. I can barely make out what I’ve written in a few of my notebooks, and it’s very discouraging. Plus, as an environmentally friendly person, I beat myself over how many trees had to be cut down to fuel my habit. In fact, one tree makes only 100 notebooks; a school full of children would require 1000 or more notebooks per year (depending on the size of the student body).

With the idea of reducing space, creating longevity, and saving the trees, founders Joe Lemay and Jake Epstein developed the Rocketbook Wave and started a long journey of creating innovative, sustainable products.

What is the Rocketbook Wave?

The Rocketbook Wave is an eco-friendly, erasable notebook where the notes you take can be erased and the pages written on yet again.

The book itself is made from all-recyclable materials;

  • The cover is made with recyclable HDPE Plastic #2, the binding from recyclable PVC Plastic #3, and the pages are crafted with recyclable BPA-free poly plastic #2. So in this way, the book is sustainable not only because it can be used multiple times per page, but also because the book itself is completely recyclable.
  • To erase your pages, simply put your Wave in the (haha) microwave. You have to use the Pilot FriXion pen in order to be able to erase your pages (each Rocketbook Wave comes with one, so no pressure there at all).
  • The notebook itself is stylish and aesthetically pleasing; the binding is concise and its white color contrasts pleasingly with the sea-spray blue cover. It features the Rocketbook emblem and “Wave” on the front.
  • You get your notes simply by using the Rocketbook app to scan your pages; then, you can save your notes and also share your notes online via email and other additional methods.
  • You can purchase the Rocketbook Wave from their website in a standard size for $27 and an “executive” size for $25 (it’s a little slimmer).

Rocketbook Beginnings

Rocketbook founder Joe Lemay was interested in creating a product that would bridge the gap between analogue notetaking and the digital world. Folks (like myself) who prefer handwriting notes (and honestly need the kinesthetic connection with the page to help memorize information) haven’t bought into typing notes on a laptop or even writing them on a tablet.


♥ So starting in 2013, Mr. Lemay set off on his journey to achieve sustainability and affordability in a new product.

♥ In early 2014, Mr. Lemay met up with his long-time engineering friend Jake Epstein to hone and perfect Lemay’s idea and, in less than a year, they were prepped to launch the first microwave-to-erase, digitally connected notebook and at the Launch Festival in San Francisco, they did just that.

♥ In 2015, the Rocketbook Wave was featured on Shark Tank and, during this time, Lemay and Epstein continued developing new, improved Rocketbooks to further perfect the concept of digitally connected, environmentally friendly notebooks.

♥ Today, over 2 million Rocketbooks are being scanned and utilized by idea-makers across the globe, and over a million users are utilizing Rocketbook’s smart app to jot ideas and share them.

Rocketbook Wave Product Review: Pro’s and Con’s


  • Versus other Rocketbooks, you can microwave the entire notebook to erase all of its contents as opposed to their later models, where you would have to individually wipe each of its pages.
  • Pilot FriXion pens are available virtually anywhere, so purchasing new ones isn’t a hassle. Other brands have their notebook-specific pens which are near impossible to replace.
  • You can try before you buy! Through Rocketbook, you can download their pages and print to try (the pages utilize small dots to work their magic; you would have to use a FriXion pen to be able to erase the page however).


  • With the Wave, you only get five reuses out of each page. This certainly lends to environmental sustainability, but not in the way the later Rocketbooks (such as the Everlast where you merely have to wipe the pages off and they are reusable infinitely) are.
  • Since they are susceptible to extreme temperatures (as part of their design), living in weather-extreme locations prove counter-intuitive for Rocketbook users and can leave you a tad frustrated.


Q#1- How Can I Keep My Rocketbook in Great Condition?

Ans: The Rocketbook Wave specifically can be erased Completely five times.

Make sure not to excessively microwave the pages, and additionally attempt not to leave your Wave in extreme weather environments. Extreme cold can make erased notes return from the grave and extreme heat could erase your notes with the same ease your microwave can.
Make sure not to use the eraser on the Pilot FriXion pen as it can remove the coating from the pages! Avoid residues (such as adhesive from sticky notes) as well as oils, solvents, etc. as these all can damage the pages of your book. Also consider investing in a Rocketbook Capsule, designed to keep your notebook safe and your supplies organized.
Q#2- What's the Difference Between Using the Rocketbook App and just Using my Phone's Camera?
Ans: With the Rocketbook app, you are able to scan and upload documents (even as multi-page documents) directly to any sort of cloud location such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or simply your email in mere seconds.

In Conclusion

With innovation at its forefront, the Rocketbook Wave is set, not necessarily to save the planet, but to help mitigate waste and save the number of trees being used annually. Ditch your old notebooks and keep your notes forever with the Rocketbook Wave.

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