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Provestra Review: Regain Your Sexual Desire And Squash the Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause can be devastating, especially for those of us who suffer from early-onset menopause: mood swings, body changes, hormone deficiencies, hot flashes, and just general discomfort. There’s nothing fun about this time. Women dread it as they begin to age, but no one talks about it. Even in 2021, women still aren’t discussing how to deal with this part of life that eventually impacts all of us.

Thankfully, we aren’t just stuck with the advice of those around us these days. The wealth of information at our fingertips is extraordinary, and it was a salvation for me. I didn’t want to turn to medication. Chemical hormones therapies can have serious side effects that I knew I didn’t want to deal with, so I started looking for natural options.

When I found out someone had already done all the work for me, I was ecstatic. Provestra is a supplement designed to deal with all the horrible and irritating symptoms of menopause, including the sexual ones. There are so many things that change as we age, and to know there was something that could help, and it wasn’t all in my head, was a huge relief.

Would it surprise you to know that even women in their thirties can have issues with menopause?

For Example
Suppose you’ve been struggling with a lack of desire or interest in sex, along with things like feeling moody more often. In that case, you could be in the first stages of menopause even if it doesn’t feel like you are old enough. I know that’s what happened to me. However, women in their 40s and 50s shouldn’t just accept these easy to deal with hormone imbalances either. Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting colder.

About the Makers

Leading Edge Health makes Provestra. Leading Edge Health is a US-based company based in Tennessee. They’ve been in business for almost twenty years and are exceptionally well known for their different supplement products, including Provestra. All the products they produce are created in certified manufacturing facilities. They only include the highest quality ingredients and work hard to offer high-quality information about the products they sell.

So How Exactly Does This Supplement Work?

  • Women who suffer from menopause or are in the premenopausal state notice things like decreased sexual desire. For all too long, people have attributed this to just being how things go as we age. However, it doesn’t have to be. However, being proactive about it is the only way to deal with it.
  • Sure, a little extra romance can help, but if your hormones aren’t balanced, your desires won’t be either. Hormones change throughout our lives. For example, during pregnancy, women often notice a difference, but it happens other times too. Those hormones are intricately interlinked to our sexual desire.


The Formula: Provestra Ingredients

Provestra ingredients are all things that have been shown to help balance hormones in different studies. The combination of these ingredients can be effective at assisting women to get back to feeling more like themselves when going through or starting menopause.



  • Chocolate craving during your periods? Chocolate craving when you aren’t feeling great. That’s your body talking to you. Theobromine is what is in chocolate that makes it have that mood-boosting appeal.
  • Studies have shown in the right amounts; theobromine can create a feeling of overall wellbeing.
  • Theobromine is also part of the caffeine family, and as most of us know, caffeine helps give us a little boost. However, it can also help increase the blood flow throughout the body.


‚ÄčKorean Ginseng

  • Ginseng is perhaps one of the well-known supplements around. It’s used to treat a variety of ailments. However, it’s also been shown to be effective in increasing sexual desires and treating the sexual function of premenopausal women.
  • Ginseng has been around for thousands of years used in Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac for just as long. It can have the added benefit of helping clear the fogginess that can accompany menopause.

Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry

  • Red raspberry impacts hormones significantly. For those who are still having their period, this ingredient can be a lifesaver. It helps to decrease the cramping and pain that can come along with menstruation.
  • It’s also been shown to help with moods, as well as hot flashes. It works by helping to balance the amount of estrogen in the body.
  • Studies have been done that have indicated it can help with symptoms associated with perimenopause.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

  • Ginkgo biloba is another ingredient that has been proven to impact sexual response in women directly. It helps to increase blood flow and affects the nitric oxide systems.
  • A decrease in blood supply can make it more difficult to orgasm, and this particular ingredient can help to increase blood flow to the genital area.
  • Ginkgo biloba can also help to relax muscles. As some of the problems related to sexual dysfunction can partially be due to stress, this extra benefit may help some women relax.

Licorice Root

  • Moodiness is one of the biggest complaints most women have about being perimenopausal. The mood swings can be drastic, and because they are hormonal, they are much more difficult to control.
  • Licorice root is included in Provestra because it can help lower mood swings and reduce related stress. It also has been shown to decrease the frequency of hot flashes.


Ginger Root

  • Ginger is probably something you are more familiar with in your food than as a supplement. However, ginger is also a solid and well-known aphrodisiac.
  • One of the reasons ginger works as an aphrodisiac is it boosts the circulatory system. The better your circulatory system works, the more likely your erogenous zones are to be sensitive. Those erogenous zones depend on good blood flow.

Damiana Leaf

Damiana Leaf

  • Damiana is a surprisingly native southwestern shrub. It also grows in the south and central America as well as the Caribbean. The leaves have been being used in natural medicine for their properties to increase sexual desire, treat anxiety, headaches, and menstrual disorders for years.
  • One study showed that 73% of women who received damiana in a supplement increased desire for sex and enhanced sensations and orgasms.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh

  • Black Cohosh has been a standby of native North Americans for hundreds of years. They early on knew that it had the benefits to help with a variety of symptoms associated with menopause. This is because it has an estrogenic activity that makes it behave like estrogen in the body.
  • Black Cohosh has also been shown in a study to help with the mental health aspects of menopause. It can help reduce anxiety and stress and help with leveling moods.

The Importance of Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins are critical and something that most people lack from their daily diet. There are a wide variety of vitamins that have been shown to help with menopause symptoms and keep you healthier. Most people don’t have the time or energy to eat healthy even when they try, so supplementing that with necessary vitamins can make a difference. Provestra has picked the vitamins that will help most with balancing the hormones and symptoms of menopause.

Vitamin A
  • Vitamin A is necessary to keep the lining of your vagina and uterus healthy, and it’s what the body uses to manage the health of internal and external tissues.
  • It’s also responsible for helping to manage the sex hormone progesterone. So if your system lacks vitamin A, likely, your body isn’t producing the sex hormones you should be.
Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C is most well-known for helping to boost the immune system, but it does a lot more than that. Like vitamin A it’s also involved in the production of sex hormones. In addition, Vitamin C helps to create collagen in the body.
  • Collagen is critical for our skin health; it gives it the elasticity we have in our youth. So not only will you be helping your body produce more necessary sex hormones, but you’ll be doing your overall skin health a favor at the same time.
Folic Acid
  • Folic acid is something that you’re probably familiar with if you’ve had children. It’s one of the things they recommend that you take if you are planning to become pregnant. However, it’s not only crucial for those who are having children. It’s also critical to other body functions.
  • Folic acid is part of what helps the body metabolize proteins that are consumed. However, its primary function is to keep your blood cells healthy and producing at the correct rate. In addition, folic acid can help to prevent anemia.
  • Biotin is another vitamin that most people lack; this is the stuff that makes hair strong and nails from breaking. However, it also helps keep the cells growing and has been known to help keep blood sugar levels even.
Vitamins B
  • The B Vitamins add to the improvement in blood flow throughout the body as well as helping to maintain sex hormones.
  • Iron is critical to producing the part of the red blood cell that makes them able to move oxygen in the body. Those with low iron levels are generally anemic, which can be a significant problem.
  • Anemia can cause a host of issues such as fatigue, weakness and can cause difficulties with the menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, very few people have enough iron in their diet.
  • Calcium is another mineral that is absolutely something you should be getting enough of. Doctors will tell you that it’s the primary thing standing between you and osteoporosis. Calcium does, however, do other things within the body.
  • For instance, it can help keep your muscles and nerves working like they are supposed to. With a lack of calcium, your muscles may not be contracting as they should, making it more difficult to orgasm.
  • Zinc is connected to the adrenal system and helps keep stress at bay. Like vitamin C, it can also help with your immune system. It’s also actually necessary to create testosterone in the body.

Dosage And How Soon To Expect Benefits for Provestra

  • Dosage & Benefits

Provestra is formulated to be taken once a day. Most women have found that they see at least part of the benefits that the product claims to have. From increased sexual desires to help with difficult hot flashes and mood swings.

For some women, these improvements happen in as little as seven days, but it can take up to two months for others. It depends entirely on how your body works and how bad the imbalances and deficiencies are.

Provestra Benefits


Where To Purchase Provestra

Provestra can be purchased on their website. It comes in a range of options, from a starter month supply up to a six-month supply.

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Believing In The Product

67 Day Money Back Guarantee

Provestra comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. They do, however, ask that you give the product the entire sixty days to work. This ensures that it’s not just taking longer in your system than it does for some. However, suppose you still aren’t happy after that period of time. In that case, you can return the bottle and remaining supply for a no-questions-asked refund. The return window is 67 days.


#1- Does Provestra Have Side Effects?

Ans: Provestra is considered safe. It is an all-natural supplement that doesn’t interact with birth control or other medications. However, there are herbs in it that are not recommended for pregnant women or those planning on becoming pregnant. One of the reported side effects is a mild increase in the size of breasts due to hormone balancing.

#2- Can I use Provestra if I'm trying to get pregnant?

Ans: Some of the herbal ingredients in Provestra are not safe to take when pregnant, so you should immediately discontinue taking them if you become pregnant. However, suppose you are planning on becoming pregnant. In that case, it’s always safest to consult with your doctor about any supplements that you are taking.

#3- How Quickly Does Provestra Show Result?

Ans: Results for many women can happen in as little as seven days. Some of the reported results in that first week include a quicker ability to reach arousal, increased vaginal lubrication, increased desire for sex, having fantasies and desires again. Because this works to help your system do its job better, you don’t want to give up if you don’t see results in the first week. However, everyone’s body is different, and it can take longer for some. Therefore, it’s recommended that you at least give the product thirty days to do its job before really expecting to see full results.

#4-What if my sex drive and desire are gone? Does Provestra help?

Ans: Women very rarely get the vitamins and minerals that they need. Provestra helps to combat that by adding supplements that they know most women are missing. Unfortunately, everyone has different reasons that they begin to lose their sex drive. There are tons of factors that can have an impact on your sex drive. Things like stress, relationships, and even your job can get in the way of your sex life. Unfortunately, these are things that can’t be helped with just a supplement. However, most women who do go ahead and give Provestra a try find the results are positive. They see a significant increase in sexual desire.

#5- I lack sensitivity. Is Provestra the right choice?

Ans: Women tend to find that the ingredients in Provestra can help to increase the sensation in the genital region, from their clitoris, labia, and even the actual vagina. The specific combination of ingredients is designed to help improve that particular type of blood flow.

#6- Does Provestra help with dryness?

Ans: Vaginal dryness can make sex uncomfortable and be frustrating for both parties. Provestra is designed to help get back that natural lubricant. It’s also formulated to make that happen faster. The faster you get aroused, the more likely you are to stay that way as it helps to increase sensation.

#7- Sexual intercourse is uncomfortable for me. Can Provestra solve this problem?

Ans: It’s entirely possible that it can help you on your way to enjoying having sex again. However, a couple of things are guaranteed to make sex uncomfortable, dryness, and not having desire. Provestra has ingredients to help with both of these problems. If you desire sex, it’s not nearly as likely to be uncomfortable.

#8- If I'm already in menopause, is it too late to help my sex drive?

Ans: Absolutely not. It’s never too late. Menopause symptoms can really do a number on the sex drive. It’s not surprising with the mood swings the difficulty with lubrication. Provestra is designed to help with precisely these issues, ease menopause symptoms and get your sex drive back in working order.

#9- What helps me know Provestra is really safe?

Ans: Provestra is compliant and certified with the cGMP. It’s the same certified manufacturer that is used by places like Rite Aid and Wal-Mart. The ingredients are tested to ensure they are pure. They are also happy to show any of the certificates or analyses of the components to customers. Bottles all come with a lot and a date of expiration

#10- Is it expensive?

Ans: These days not really. Buying it or anything similar at a typical supplement shop would cost you at least ten to twenty dollars more per month. The prices are affordable, and honestly, you couldn’t get all the ingredients yourself for less. They also offer discounts for buying a bigger product supply, meaning that you can get it for about thirty-three dollars a month.

#11- What's the shipping like?

Ans: No one needs to know what you’re buying from this company. They ship in discrete unmarked packages that no one will even be able to guess.

#12- What if it doesn't work for me?

Ans: They provide a 67-day money-back guarantee on Provestra, no questions asked.

#13- What is customer support like?

Ans: The company prides itself on having the highest quality customer support options. They are happy to answer questions through email, phone, or even on their website.

#14- What about my purchase? Will the name show up?

Ans: Even your purchase will be discrete. The charges will show up as being made at or

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