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BForce Bands Review: Name of Most Versatile Resistance Bands

I have been looking for a way to take my workout equipment along on business trips and even vacations. Even packing actual weights in my bag in the past, I needed a better way. I found a great option with the BForce Bands. The bands allow me to complete almost all the same moves I complete at the actual gym. I can work on my total body and get the results I’m looking for. I like to use the bands for many parts of the body such as working on my biceps, triceps, back, stomach, legs, and more. One main difference between these bands and other products on the market is how the band setup is so simple and allows for working all parts of the body, as many other versions make it difficult to set up.

About BForce Bands

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BForce Bands was founded in 2009 by a celebrity athlete named Humberto Lopez. After being the owner of two gyms in Miami, the founder wanted to create a unique training system that could help many increase their health. The workout bands that were created can be used in a number of ways and settings such as; travel fitness home fitness physical training as well as an alternative to traditional weight lifting.

My goal was to try and get healthier and more fit while on the road and these bands help. goal With the ability to work out anywhere being achieved with the BForce Bands, my excuses are limited. The bands fit into a small carry-along bag, truly placing a gym in a bag.


  • BForce Bands offers a number of products that are available on the website. There are a number of different bundles for bands such as the 5-pack or the 3.0 packages.
  • There are booty bands and an option to purchase wider booty bands when needed. The BForce Bands core ball is great to work the stomach area and other parts of the body. Sliders are also available.
  • There are a number of products that can help shape the body and help reward the results that are desired.

5 Pack BForce Bands

The 5 pack resistance bands are one of BForce Bands’ top product offerings to the public. The bands feature an anchor strap that can attach to almost any object that is in a fixed position and if there is no object, a partner can hold the anchor. With 5 separate straps featuring different intensity levels, this bundle can work for many different people. The 5 strap levels of resistance go from extra heavy, heavy, light-medium, and extra light. All five resistance bands can easily connect to the BForce Bar, Ankle straps, or the Cushioned handles. There are also two different attachments that allow the alternation between ankle straps and cushioned handles.

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The BForce Bands has all the features needed to enjoy a full workout from the bottom to the top of the body. There are three separate features that allow the bands to be used.

First Method
The first method is to simply stand upon the band with the feet in the middle, kind of like standing on a jump rope while holding the ends with both hands.
2nd Method
The next method is the door-jam feature, which allows for anchoring the strap to a door and this setup can be done in two quick steps.
Final Method
The final place to anchor the strap would be a pole. Instructions on these features and how to apply the use can be found on the companies website.

All features of the BForce Bands are created to make a workout easy to set up and complete with little hassle.



As with any product, prices vary depending on which product is purchased and which accessories are also purchased. There are bundles offered at BForce Bands, such as the above-mentioned 5 Pack Bforce Bands. The 5 Pack Bforce Bands has a price of $59.99. The bundle which contains many items is called the New Bar Bundle. This bundle comes with three wide booty bands and the core sliders, making this a complete package that goes for the price of $174.99. On the less expensive side of things, the booty ball has a retail price tag of $19.99.

Pros And Cons


  • Bringing a training system that fits in a small bag along with me everywhere is truly priceless. I can pack the system easily into my bag and go through airports, bus stops, and train stations.
  • Once I arrive at my destination, the setup only takes less than a minute and I’m beginning my workout. With the different cushioned handles for my hands and the ankle adjustment, I can work out my entire body.
  • The BForce Bar allows me to finish off my workout with exercises that are not possible without the bar.


  • The only negative, but this is true with any workout band, is if I keep the bands in a hot and dry place, they can age quicker and that can lead to breakage. So, I keep my bands out of hot and dry areas, so they will last a very long time.

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Discount And Coupons

Looking online I have found a number of coupons that work for the BForce Bands products. Sometimes it is a percentage of the total bill and other times it is specific products that are on sale. Currently, on the website, the BForce Bands Core Ball is on sale. The retail price is $19.99 and it is currently going for the sale price of $14.99 and that is a good deal.
$14.99 $19.99

Warranty / Return Policy

BForce Bands believes in its products and believes you will be happy with the results. However, sometimes an item may need to be returned or a warranty may need to be used to replace a broken or damaged item. Any item can be returned within 14 days from the date the item is received.

All items to be returned must be in the original packaging and be unused. Once the returned item is received, it will be inspected and if it meets all the criteria, the account will be issued store credit in the way of an E-Gift Card, minus the restocking fee of $2.95 and the shipping cost. Items bought during clearance or on sale are not eligible for return.


#1- My return is past the 14 days, now what?

Ans: Sorry, if the item is postmarked outside of the 14 day period, the item is not eligible for return.

#2- Does store credit from my return expire?

Ans: Store credit will expire 1 year from the issue date.

#3- How soon do I get my Store Credit or Refund?

Ans: Refunds and store credit will be received via email within 3-5 business days

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