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Baked By Melissa Review : Name Of Wide Variety Handcrafted And Bite-Size Treats!

I love cupcakes, you love cupcakes, everybody loves cupcakes. Seriously, a cupcake is like a tiny little personal cake that feels like it was baked just for one to enjoy. Cupcakes are fun and tasty and almost everybody has enjoyed the experience of eating a cupcake alone and with friends. Different flavored frosting, different cakes, sizes, and more are available. Cupcakes can be enjoyed almost anywhere and during almost any event or happening. So, grab a cupcake, bite in, enjoy, and smile.

About Baked By Melissa

Melissa started her journey as an entrepreneur when she was a very young lady. She would dream up business ideas, along with her brother, while on vacation. They would just be lying on the beach thinking up business ideas.

One day Melissa was fired from her job, which she had zero passion for, and she immediately called her brother. Her brother told her to go home and begin cooking her cupcakes and there is a business in that. Now, with over 14 locations serving cupcakes, Baked by Melissa is truly a cupcake destination for many.

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Mini Macarons (Double Stuffed) - Baked by MelissaWhat is Baked By Melissa?

Baked by Melissa is a cupcake store that creates amazingly fun and tasty cupcakes and treats. There are 14 locations to visit currently, and possibly more locations to come. An online store is accessible and cupcakes can be purchased by the box. Every box is custom completed and filled with the desired cupcakes. From cupcakes to macaroons, Baked by Melissa is a cutting-edge cupcake creator serving clients in person at 14 locations.


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The Flavors

Baked by Melissa has a great many flavors available including limited edition flavors.

  • Tie-Dye
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Cookie Dough
  • Mint Cookie
  • Red Velvet

are only a few of the flavors available. There are a great many more flavors to choose from.

Flavor Menu : Baked by Melissa Cupcakes - PSOG Party Safe Original Greats No Nut Flavors Cupcakes - Assorted Bite-Size Cupcakes, Includes 7 Different Flavors: Tie-Dye, Cookie Dough & More (25 Count) :

The Icing

The icing on each custom cupcake differs in flavor. Some cupcakes not only arrive with frosting but also have other treats placed upon the top of the cupcake. The colors of the frosting mixed and matched with the different cake flavors really make each cupcake a special creation.


The Packaging

When you receive a box of cupcakes, the box will arrive in bright tie-dye colors, with the cupcakes enclosed inside. Boxes also have the type of event printed on the front of the box. The cupcakes will arrive fresh and ready to eat.

The Plastic Tin

Cupcakes are packaged in a tightly sealed plastic tin. The tin will help to keep your cupcakes in pristine condition, until being eaten.


Prices vary on products, depending on the cupcake or treat choices. Prices start around $30 and up.

Pros And Cons


  • Cupcakes are a wonderful gift to let someone know you care and a tasty treat as well.


  • The only con is that the box will be empty faster than you can say the word cupcake.

What I’d Change About Baked by Melissa?

If there was one thing I could change about this company, I would like to see even more products available.

Discount And Coupons

Discount codes for online use, as well as coupons, do become available. If you are a first-time buyer, be sure to save on your first purchase.


How big are the cupcakes?

Slightly wider than a quarter in diameter.

How many cupcakes to order?

Most people eat 4-5 cupcakes.

Can I cancel my order?

Once the order is placed it is final.

Will cupcakes arrive fresh?

Yes, the packaging is awesome.


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