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Avid Hemp CBD Review: Leading The Pack in a Fast-Changing CBD World

The demand for CBD and hemp products have exponentially increased in the last few years, and with the explosion of the CBD market, most professionals believe that CBD is yet to experience a tremendous growth in its fortunes. According to the projection, the global CBD market is likely to reach a threshold of $20 billion in the next few years. On the other hand, the CBD edibles market is also expected to increase to $4.1 billion in two years.

Since the pronouncement of hemp as a legal item by the United States Farm Act in 2018, the demand for CBD had gone through the roof. The popularity of the non-psychoactive hemp-derived cannabinoid has grown without advertising on billboards. There are loads of CBD products ranging from hemp flowers to CBD oils claiming to have healing properties but Avid Hemp is a trusted brand name in the league of CBD product sellers. The brand has been in the CBD industry for two decades, and understands the intricacies of the ever-evolving marketplace.

As a brand renowned for quality and customer satisfaction, Avid Hemp has carved an enviable reputation for itself in the industry by collaborating with the best hemp brands and independent laboratory experts to deliver the best hemp products. Our desire is to ensure every CBD enthusiast gets their package at affordable price without delay.

About Avid Hemp

  • If quality was a brand, Avid Hemp  would be the hallmark for all businesses. In the last twenty years, we have always maintained quality output and ensure our hemp products are of premium quality despite the absence of FDA regulation in the hemp market. Avid Hemp has a commitment to using the best American-grown hemp to manufacture its CBD products, and this is its way of ensuring its customers get CBD of premium quality.
  • It has a team of professional technicians that utilizes CO2 extraction technology that ensures the extraction of potency of each hemp bud. Each of the products from the stable of Avid Hemp go through lab test screening to ensure it does not have more than 0.3 percent THC. This shows its commitment and transparency to delivering pure CBD products as products with lab test results are quite safe for consumption.
  • Its relationship with reputable hemp-farming associations in Colorado and Florida has helped it to acquire the best hemp, and know its origins. Avid Hemp collaborate with professional farmers who are also committed to strict quality-control measures and sustainable farming, and this has made the relationship blossom to an incredible experience for its customers who buys CBD products. Each product from Avid Hemp is manufactured with superior cultivated ingredients that improve the aroma and flavor. Customers across the globe are assured of quality products as none of the products ordered from Avid Hemp has blemish as reviews from them are there for all to see.

Mode Of Payment

On the Avid Hemp website, customers can pay for their orders using credit and debit cards from renowned brands such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard. The website is secured and encrypted against the hackers’ attack, and customers are assured of safety. The confidentiality of customers is guaranteed, and there is no need to panic as their private information and card details are secured.

Product Review

Since the demand for CBD products has increased, there has been an influx of different CBD products in the market. It has become a difficult task identifying the original hemp products that deliver the expected results as counterfeit products also flooded the market space.

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Customer Service
Lab Testing Transparency

However, Avid Hemp has been working hard to change the narrative by ensuring it offers quality hemp products to its teeming customers. The reviews about Avid Hemp have been positive and more people are confirming the efficacy of the products. The raving reviews about the brand also include its shipping period and the THC concentration of each product not exceeding 0.3 percent.

Wholesale Purchase

  • CBD has a strong connection with the health and wellness industry as more people have discovered the power in CBD. According to some individuals, it possesses incredible features that help them fight life-threatening ailments. However, more persons are showing interest in selling these CBD products to other people, and that is why Avid Hemp has a wholesale package for them.
  • Interested persons are expected to fill a form on the website of Avid Hemp, and insert the necessary information in the appropriate boxes. Once the details are approved, a wholesale program that suits the needs of the intending applicant will be drafted. Avid Hemp is using its exposure and thorough understanding of the CBD industry to create an enabling environment for the intending wholesalers who want to sell the CBD products.
Wholesale Purchase

Lab Test

Avid Hemp is renowned for transparency and that is why it engaged the services of competent third-party lab experts for a thorough and independent lab test on each of its products. This procedure is to ensure that each product is unblemished and devoid of toxins and possess the number of CBD written on its label. Each of the product categories on the Avid Hemp stable has been tested, and they are

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Flower
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Keto Oil
  • CBD Capsules
Third-party CBD lab test reports


  • Quality products are assured
  • Excellent customer support is guaranteed.
  • An expansive array of hemp products
  • Quick processing of orders
  • Competitive and affordable prices
  • Strict compliance with safety procedures to ensure the safety of the environment.
  • Simple website outlay and checkout page.


  • Register before ordering
  • Does not accept crypto and individuals who want to conceal their identity may not buy with credit cards.


Avid Hemp has an extensive array of CBD products ranging from CBD creams, CBD oils, CBD for dogs, capsules, tinctures, to vapes. Each product of the brand has been lab-tested, and the results are online for everyone to see. However, these are types of product sold on the official website of Avid Hemp.

CBD Capsules 1200mgCBD Nighttime Capsules 1,000mg avid hempCBD Capsules 300mg Avid Hemp

1-CBD Capsules
Individuals who want to integrate CBD into their daily activities should use CBD capsules. These capsules contain a combination of healthy hemp that revitalizes the body, and the perfect option for busy folks who want to enjoy a healthy life. These hemp-driven CBD capsules are known to contain healthy components and its THC content is less than the required 0.3 percent. These capsules have been lab tested by independent, third-party experts to ensure quality and purity.


  • CBD Capsules 1,200mg 60 Ct- $99.99
  • CBD Nighttime Capsules 1,000mg 60 Ct- $99.99
  • CBD Capsules 600mg 30 Ct- $59.99
  • CBD Capsules 300mg 15 Ct- $34.99

CBDBalm 750mg Avidhempavid hemp chill gelCBDBalm 1500mg Avidhemp

2-CBD Topicals
CBD creams are enjoying massive patronage across the globe, and you need to trust the most reliable brand for your CBD topical. Individuals that desire a better skincare routine will understand the importance of getting premium quality CBD topical, and that is why Avid Hemp sells skin-friendly CBD topical that moisturizes the skin to its teeming list of customers. These hemp-derived lotions comprise incredible secondary compounds that aids in providing relief for stiffness and joint pain.


There are several topical products that help customers achieve a smoother skin, and they are as follows:

  • CBD Relief Balm 750mg
  • CBD Relief Balm 300mg
  • CBD Relief Balm 1500mg
  • CBD Chill Gel 100mg
  • CBD Relief Balm 3000mg.

CBD Pet oil 1,000mgCBD Pet oil 1,000mg

3-CBD For Pets
Our pets have formed an integral part of our family life, and we consider them special. However, it is no longer news that one of the biggest niches in the industry is the pet industry, and CBD for dogs from Avid Hemp is taking over. Avid Hemp’s pure CBD oil for dogs is the right product for your beloved pets as its content is pure, and does not contain dangerous toxins.

The CBD for Pets content was sourced from the best farms in the United States, and the farmers in charge of the cultivation of these hemps share similar passion and enthusiasm regarding quality. These products are produced using advanced CO2 extraction technology for the purification of CBD to ensure a total elimination of solvent residue.

You must have been hearing about CBD Oils, and the quality of CBD oil from Avid Hemp cannot be ignored. At Avid Hemp, its oil tinctures are made with full spectrum hemp extract, natural flavorings and MCT oil.


These oils are genuinely created with the interest of the consumers at heart, and examples are

  • CBD Pet Oil 300mg
  • CBD Pet Oil 1000mg
  • CBD Pet Oil 150mg

CBD Sour Gummy Bears 1,000mgCBD Gummy Worms 500mg Avid HempCBD Gummy Bears 1200mg 80ct Avid Hemp

4-CBD Gummies
Looking for a simple way to add cannabidiol to your diet, why not try CBD Gummies? It is one of the best means of complementing your diet, and CBD Gummies from Avid Hemp offer consumers significant amount of CBD required for the day. They are delicious and tasty for individuals who do not like CBD oil flavors.


Examples of CBD Gummies in this category are;

  • Avid Hemp Original CBD Gummy Bears 1,000mg 60ct
  • Avid Hemp Original CBD Gummy Bears 500mg 30ct
  • Avid Hemp Original CBD Gummy Bears 3,000mg 180ct
  • Avid Hemp Original CBD Gummy Bears 250mg 15ct
  • CBD Sour Gummy Bears 1,000mg 60ct
  • CBD Peach Gummy Rings 1500mg 90ct.


  • Avid Hemp ships all orders received by 3pm on the same day; Mondays to Fridays and this is based on the current stock. In the case of orders with standard shipping, it takes 2-4 business days of receiving credit card authorization to process the order. Once the payment is confirmed, order will be processed as soon as possible.
  • In the case of the second day shipping, orders placed before 12:00 PM EST will be shipped on the same day as soon as payment is confirmed. Public holidays and weekends are not inclusive. Any order placed with the second day shipping package within weekdays after 12:00 PM EST or public holidays or weekends will be shipped the next business day as soon as the payment is confirmed.
  • It is important to note that second day shipping orders will not be delivered on weekends. Orders placed with the second day shipping on Thursday before 12:00 PM EST will not arrive over the weekend.


  • If a customer fails to give the right delivery instructions or do not take delivery of the ordered products, the order may be cancelled, and the funds will be refunded to the customer. However, the customer will be responsible for the delivery charges.
  • In a case where there is an error or a delivery issue about an order, customers are implored to write to the company within 14 days after the delivery date. However, the company will not be held responsible for any damage or loss when the customer fails to lodge a complaint.
  • Customers can return their orders within 30 days of receipt, but there are conditions attached to this policy. The returned item must have its seal intact and must not be opened. Ensure the returned order is in good condition so you can receive your funds. Customers can also quote their order number if they want to cancel or return their orders, and this can be done via email.


  • Apart from the affiliate program of the brand, Avid Hemp does not have much discount offers for consumers. However, interested persons in the wholesales program are advised to fill a form before they can get a price list for the wholesale products.
  • Currently, there is an offer on its website for customers who purchase their orders during their festive season. Consumers get a free product when they buy an item with the “Buy One, Get Free” offer. You get free shipping to your location in the United States of America.


Are these products lab-tested?
Ans- Each product from Avid Hemp is tested and confirmed by independent experts who are dedicated to testing hemp. This is done to ensure transparency and ensure all products are pure, and suitable for consumption.
Does Avid Hemp have a Return Policy?
Ans- Yes, it has a return policy and customers have thirty days to return the package to the company. However, goods returned must not be damaged and its seal must not be broken.
What is the shipping policy of Avid Hemp?
Ans- Every order received by 3pm is shipped same day, from Mondays to Fridays.
Does Avid Hemp have an Affiliate Program?
Ans- Yes, there is an affiliate program that pays the affiliates for the promotion of hemp-derived products sold by Avid Hemp.
Is there a wholesale program for customers?
Ans- Some individuals love to buy in bulk for discount, while some persons want to place bulk orders to resell. However, customers are advised to fill a form so the company will create a suitable wholesales plan for each of them.
How Do I buy On the website?
Ans- You need to create an account and sign up before you can purchase any hemp product on the Avid Hemp website.
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