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AppliancesConnection Review – Best Place To Buy Appliances

Best Home Appliances Of All Times

What are the best home appliances of all time? It’s a question that many people ask themselves when they’re shopping for new kitchen equipment. The answer, of course, is different depending on what you need. When one buys an appliance at Appliances Connections, they’ll help you find the perfect fit by asking questions about your specific needs and budget.

Here are some of the best-selling products of all time.

Frigidaire GCRI3058AF Freestanding Electric Induction Range

Frigidaire GCRI3058AF

The Frigidaire GCRI3058AF 30-inch freestanding electric induction range with four elements is the perfect appliance that every kitchen needs.

  • This product has six powerful heating zones, including four power ranges, two convection ovens, and a center melt zone. It has an easy-to-clean stainless-steel interior, making it the perfect device for the chef who doesn’t have time to cook.
  • It also has special features like quick preheat, which can save anyone’s time by cooking quickly and effortlessly. It also comes with Sabbath mode, which is automatically tuned to ensure food isn’t overcooked or undercooked, a low simmer burner that heats foods at precise temperatures, and taps touch controls to program precise cooking cycles.
  • Furthermore, it comes with a sound volume control system that allows the customers to turn down the beeping sounds, if necessary, without turning off the oven alarms completely. This product measures 30 by 19 by 36 inches and weighs 200 pounds.
  • This product is also Energy Star qualified so that it won’t cost too much for anyone’s electricity bill. It comes complete with an installation kit, four adjustable positive stops on each rack, two-wire oven racks, a self-clean oven that heats up to 716 degrees F, a removable stainless steel back guard, and a high limit kit.

Come and get this product from appliances connections shop at a discounted price of $1,253.10 from the initial price of $1,441.07.
$1253.10 $1441.07

Gift Card
The customers can also get a 5% Appliances Connection Gift Card if they decide to use their six-month financing plan on orders over $999.

Frigidaire GCRI3058AF Pros And Cons

The Frigidaire GCRI3058AF 30 Inch Freestanding Electric Induction Range with 4 Elements has many benefits, including the following.


  • This range is easy to clean and maintain due to its smooth surface.
  • Customers can use it for cooking a variety of foods, including meats, vegetables, and desserts.
  • It features an open window that allows you to see what’s happening inside without opening the door.
  • It is energy efficient because it heats up quickly and uses less electricity than other ranges on the market today.


  • One issue is that the controls are difficult to see if you’re standing in front of the range.
  • Another issue is that it can’t handle large quantities at once. Hence, it isn’t ideal for cooking a feast or feeding a large family.

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Liebherr CS1400RIM Freestanding Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Liebherr HCB2082

  • This counter depth refrigerator by Liebherr is equipped with a capacity of 360 liters. It has an energy efficiency rating of A++. Made in Germany; the CS1400RIM is stable. Its maximum load weight capacity can hold up to 150 kg (330lbs).
  • The dimensions for this appliance are 240 cm height x 60 cm width x only 39.5 cm deep. It encompasses a stainless-steel door that houses three glass shelves and seven drawers – three of which are humidity-controlled.
  • The CS1400RIM features multi-air flow cooling, triple safety protection against accidental power cuts, lock indicator when locked/unlocked, automatic defrosting function with frost-free technology, and it’s designed specifically to use less space in your kitchen.

The unit is also perfect for people living in tight spaces such as condos and townhouses. You can get this state-of-the-art refrigerator at appliances connections at an unbeatable price of $2,259.00.

The Liebherr CS1400RIM Pros And Cons


  • This model has three glass shelves, two clear crisper drawers, and one adjustable door shelf.
  • It also features a cold zone for meats/cheeses, set to any temperature between 33-38 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The Liebherr CS1400RIM has a storage capacity of 12.8 cubic feet.
  • This type of fridge is perfect for those who like to keep their groceries organized by category or meal plan.
  • This model is Energy Star qualified.


  • It doesn’t have any freezer drawers for food storage like most refrigerators do. It can be inconvenient if you cook meals with lots of different ingredients.
  • The refrigerator door tends to stick when opening or closing it due to its weight.

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LG WM3600HWA 27 Inch Smart Front Load Washer


  • The LG front load washer is specially designed to give the customers the perfect laundry experience. With this washer, customers can monitor their wash with Wi-Fi-enabled devices, air dry wet clothes in minutes without risk of mold or mildew growth, and no more wet carpets or musty odors!
  • Clients can also use the intuitive controls on the front panel for easy access and straightforward usage. This washer features a NeveRust stainless-steel drum with an energy-saving Digital Learning Thermostat, which offers many washing modes depending on what’s needed.
  • This energy-efficient machine is also equipped with LG’s Turbo Wash system, shortening cycle times by up to 30 percent while using less water and energy. The steam feature loosens tough stains like dirt, grass, or oil without the need for pre-treatment.

Customers love that this washer looks great in just about any laundry room design! At Appliances connections, they sell this lucrative appliance at a discount. Customers can now get it for $945 from an initial price of $1,006.75.
$945 $1,006.75

Gift Card
They can also get a 5% Appliances Connection Gift Card if they use their six-month financing on orders over $999.

LG WM3600HWA Pros And Cons


  • LG WM3600HWA 27 Inch Smart Front Load Washer has a sleek design that is perfect for any modern home.
  • This washer also features the world’s first Direct Drive Motor System, which provides faster spin cycles and more efficient washing with less water usage.
  • There are also five different wash cycles on this model – gentle, normal, heavy-duty, delicate, and quick cycle – so it is suitable for just about anyone!
  • Plus, there are many other great features like Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • There are even 11 custom cycles on the dryer, so you can give your clothes exactly the right amount of treatment they need.
  • The included steam cycle kills germs and bacteria while removing odors from clothing.


  • One of the most common complaints about this washer is that it’s not very quiet when running, making it difficult to have conversations while doing laundry.
  • Some people also find the cycle button confusing because it doesn’t stay lit after pressing one. It can be frustrating if you don’t know which setting you want before pressing one.

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1- Do Appliances Connections Offer Free Shipping and Delivery?

Ans: Yes! Appliances Connections offer free shipping on select items. If the customer’s closest store is far away or the company doesn't carry what the customers want, waiting a few days won't compromise one’s needs.

2- Do Appliances Connections Offer Installation Services?

Ans: Yes! They have a network of appliance installation technicians that they can dispatch to the customer's home or business for most appliances.

3- Do Appliances Connections Offer a Financing Plan?

Ans: Yes, Appliances Connections offers financing through various promotional plans with an interest-free if the customers pay the full amount on the promotional plan before the date agreed upon elapses. They also offer various pre-approved leasing options to make it easier for the customers to shop for the appliances of their needs.

4- Do they Have Returns and Cancellations Policy?

Ans: It is known that there is the possibility of buyer's remorse- regretting an order after placing it for some customers. That's why the company allows the customers to return most items within 30 days of the purchase date. They'll gladly exchange them for a different item or give the customers a refund and ship the purchase back to them.

Connection Cost

The company is committed to connecting customers with the appliances they need at an affordable price. They’re proud to offer their customers the lowest prices on the market, and one will never find a connection cost that’s higher than what they pay for their appliances with them!

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