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Allurez Review – Claims To Be Best Jewelers of the Century

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend must have been referring to me. Most of us love and appreciate high-quality jewelry because of the value they add to our looks. This is why we constantly strive to get not only the best deals but high quality as well.

I can’t tell you the number of times diamonds have rescued my outfits despite getting them at the thrift store. People ended up confusing them for designer clothes. Complimenting your clothes with the right jewelry pieces is one fashion hack that you should strive to perfect.

Where Do You Get High-Quality Jewelry?

One word. Allurez.

We are all not cut from different cloths, and what is termed affordable for one person might not be the same case for someone else. However, I have discovered that I can get my jewelry at Allurez at favorable prices, and most of my friends agree that they are affordable.

Allurez is the perfect store for jewelry lovers. It was founded more than ten years ago to cater to the ordinary citizen. The best part about them is that their items are made right here on US soil and have superior quality. We all have to admit we had gotten tired of paying a lot of money for inferior quality jewelry.
When Allurez Founded
Raphi Mahgerefteh founded Allurez in 2010 to ensure that clients could access quality jewelry directly from the source. To guarantee this, he hired the best designers and jewelers. This gesture revolutionized the jewelry experience.
  • Finger Perfect
I love wearing rings. Not only do they give me a sense of protection from “predators,” but they make me look good. Gone are the days when rings were reserved for engaged and married couples. Allurez has a wide range of styles when it comes to rings.

Ladies Pave Set Filigree Diamond Ring 14k Yellow Gold 0.10ctCushion Cut Morganite and Diamond Halo Ring 14K Rose Gold 2.00ctDiamond Halo Engagement Ring & Wedding Band 18k Yellow Gold (1.25ct)

They have the perfect ring for every occasion, engagement, wedding, or accessory. We were given an educational tour on how to go about our selection. At the end of the session, I felt like a certified diamond expert, but I have a long way to go; my ideal diamond is enormous. I am into size.

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  • Stone Collection
If you are a huge stone kind of person to the tiny stone, they have got you covered.

Blue Topaz & Diamond Halo Oval Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold (3.72ct)Emerald & Diamond Halo Oval Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold (2.47ct)Ruby & Diamond Halo Oval Pendant Necklace 14k Rose Gold (3.37ct)

They have a vast collection of

  • Diamonds
  • Colored diamonds
  • Gemstones
  • Gold, and other rings that you can choose from.

The best part is you can have it customized to your ideal design.

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What is Your Ideal Rock?

We all have diamonds as our favorite stone, but there are other types that we can choose from. Take gemstones, for example, that come in different settings. The setting they have directly affects how they will reflect.

The common types of stone settings that Allurez offers are;


Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace in 14k White Gold (1.01ct)

  • This style is ideal for those who want the stone on their jewelry to be the center of attention. It is the most used by jewelers.
  • Diamond Station Necklace Bezel-Set in 14k Yellow Gold (3.00ct)This is when a piece of jewelry is wrapped around an existing stone.

Infinity Diamond & Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring 14K White Gold 0.21ct

  • It is used to attach diamonds and gemstones that are circular.

Princess-Cut Diamond & Emerald Ring Band 14k White Gold (0.73ct)

  • You will need two bars to set the stones in place, giving off an elegant look.

Mens Pointed Groove Diamond Wedding Ring Band 14k White Gold (0.50ct)

  • This style is ideal for traditional wedding bands and gives them a unique and elegant look. It is not very showy.


Diamonds come in different shapes

  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Round

Design Your Own Jewelry

It all comes down to what you, as the client, wants.

Why Allurez?

Nothing makes my day like being offered high-quality products and services. It makes me feel valued as a client, and this is the feeling Allurez made me experience. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t bought the most expensive; they still gave me VIP treatment. Here is why you should choose them.



Unlike other stores, their prices are significantly lower. I guess the reason behind this might be because everything is locally made, and they don’t have to incur any shipping expenses to get their products. They also offer flexible payment options, ideal if you can’t pay off an item once.


Excellent Customer Service

You get personalized treatment from their staff. Allurez staff takes time to listen to your questions and offer valuable answers. They are patient in guiding you to understand the purchase you are about to make. They also have an easy return process that isn’t frustrating to you as the client.



I’ll tell you one thing: if money weren’t an issue, I’d buy every item Allurez has. They have variety. There is a massive collection of everything; therefore, you will get what you are looking for in their catalog. If it’s missing, they will happily custom-make it for you.



There is nothing as annoying as having jewelry of inferior quality. It gets worse when you have worn it to a high-end occasion, and someone notices it. The embarrassment can be overwhelming. This is something you won’t have to worry about with Allurez. All their products are of superior quality, and if you doubt it, you can easily take it back.

Discount Deals & Cons

Discount & Deals:

  • They have frequent offers from time to time. They have military discounts for military personnel, both active and retired.
  • You can also make use of the points you earn from their loyalty program. You will get lots of deals that ensure you save on every purchase.


  • It seems that they take quality and excellence very high and are bent on ensuring clients’ satisfaction. We are yet to experience something negative from them.


#1- Do I have to be in the US to make a purchase?
Ans: We ship all over the world.
#2- What guarantees and offers are there for International clients?
Ans: We cater to shipping costs for purchases above $1000; you also have access to ongoing deals and subscribe to the loyalty program.

Last Words

We all value quality, and Allurez seems to be giving this to us as their clients. Shopping for jewelry can be a hassle, but knowing where to get them makes the process easier. The value of a piece of jewelry is determined by the materials and efforts behind its creation process.

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