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419 Hemp Review: Look No Further for Quality Hemp Products

You’ve probably smoked hemp from various brands that produce it but I should ask you; have you tried 419 Hemp. Well, if you have, then you’d have experienced the premium quality a smoker relishes with their products, and if you haven’t, you are massively missing out! Whenever I want to feel relaxed or energized, depending on the strain I smoke, 419 Hemp is my source for all things that are hemp related!

419 Hemp is a company that sells a wide variety of items, all of which are derived from hemp and come directly from the company’s own farms. These products are of the highest quality. Their extensive inventory consists of a variety of hemp items, such as their famous hemp smokes, oils, hygiene products, candles, and weighed and sealed packets of raw CBD hemp flowers.

419 Hemp asserts that its Minnesota-based brick-and-mortar location, which they refer to as the Growth Store, is home to the widest selection of hemp flowers plus goods produced from hemp that can be found under a single roof. Consequently, in the event that you were searching for the following location to make your purchase of anything related to hemp, then 419 Hemp’s Growth Store may be the spot for you to go.

All You Need to Know About 419 Hemp

419 Hemp is an all-encompassing hemp firm with its headquarters in the middle of Minnesota. Everything that the firm does can be found at what they refer to as their “brick-and-mortar” location. Brick-and-mortar hemp store, which also goes by the name the Growth Store, carries an extensive selection of products with cannabinoid potency. This helps the company maintain its position as one of the most reputable in the marijuana industry.

Goods available
Goods available include CBD oils, apparel, hemp flowers, and construction materials, as well as unique personal care products, hemp cigarettes, and innovative personal care products. The hemp farms owned by the corporation produce a variety of goods that are generated from hemp and cater to the various requirements and tastes of hemp consumers. Before being carefully packaged and sent out for delivery, each item is examined by a third party and given a weight before being sealed.

More About 419 Hemp
419 Hemp is completely self-sufficient in terms of its cultivation and production practices, cultivating all of its hemp flower strains on its own farm. Some of the company’s goods are more well-known than others, despite the fact that all of the items they produce are of the finest quality and move quickly off the shelves. Cannabinoid isolates and Cannabinoid oils are now the 419 Hemp products that are selling the most. The two substances may be found in the type of creams, waxes, and oils.

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The June's Garden
The June’s Garden brand name is also used for the company’s range of personal care products, which are sold under that name. The high quantities of antioxidants that may be found in their Cannabidiol hemp flowers are included into the goods. Minerals, vitamins, proteins, as well as fatty acids are some of the additional nutritional components that are added to the products in order to enrich them. All of these components are useful necessities for personal care products.

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The Growth Store
The Growth Store is a traditional brick-and-mortar location where the firm sells all of its items directly to customers. Materials for building or construction projects and gardening supplies, both of which are popular among do-it-yourselfers, are among the store’s other prominent fast-selling goods. Other popular products include hemp plaster mix, hemp concrete, as well as hemp gardening mulch. These products fall under the categories of building, construction, as well as gardening goods, respectively.

Building materials
Building materials made from hemp are popular for a number of reasons, including their durability, adaptability, and portability. In general, 419 Hemp is a one-of-a-kind business that actually houses all of the products that are derived from hemp under one roof, that is a tremendous convenience.

Top Products From the 419 Hemp Brand

  • 419 Hemp offers you a diverse selection of goods, spanning from personal care items to smokes, so that you may discover whatever you want at the premier hemp store that has everything under one roof.
  • Their CBD oil, which is a flexible hemp-derivative which can be used for a variety of different applications, is one of their best-selling products.
  • CBD is short for cannabidiol. Because of the high CBD concentration of the product, even a very small amount can deliver significant therapeutic effects. As a result, you can derive more value from a single acquisition of the product.
  • Their lip balm, mask, as well as hand wash have all established themselves as mainstays in their customers’ daily routines, making them strong challengers to their Cannabidiol oil as the company’s most popular product.
  • Purple Wine as well as Sour Haze, two of their hemp cultivars, are the clear front-runners when it pertains to being the best in the business when it comes to promising outstanding effects that simultaneously raise, energize, and soothe users for an experience that is completely immersive.

CBD OilsPrices
The oils consist of two components: CBD isolate combined with organic hemp seed oil cultivated in Minnesota. There will be no tricks or flowery language used. Just powerful and pure substances that are effective.
  • 500mg retail: $30.
  • 1000mg retail: $60.
  • 2000mg retail: $120.
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Arnica StickPrice
A wonderful anti-inflammatory, the arnica stick may be found here. The combination of all the components has a synergistic effect. Because it contains most of the same components as the Roll-on as well as CBD lotion, this stick is equivalent to both of those products.$35
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A fantastic complement to our Shampoo in this bundle. Produces a silky and lustrous finish on the hair. Included in the list of components are the following: water, oil derived from hemp seeds, glyceryl stearate, stearalkonium chloride, cetyl alcohol, hydrolyzed soy protein, panthenol, phenoxyethanol, extracts of rosemary and ivy, and essential oils.$18
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Harvest FlowerPrice
This strain exudes the familiar and subtle odor of earthy hash, which is a characteristic trait. It has a pleasant combination of mental activity and a deep relaxation that encompasses the whole body, yet there is no “sofa lock” effect.$125
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Pet OilPrice
Hemp seed oil with an additional 100 milligrams of CBD. Place a little amount on your finger, then massage it into your pet’s gums. anti-inflammatory and a calming effect.$10
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Lip BalmPrice
Containing hemp seed oil as an ingredient. Excellent for retaining the lips’ natural moisture. Organic wax jelly, beeswax, hemp seed oil, lanolin, vitamin E, as well as peppermint essential oil are the components that make up this product.$4
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Light Columbian BlendPrice
Roasting level: light to medium. 100 percent Arabica beans. Contains organic raw hemp as an ingredient. You’ll feel alert and relaxed all at the same time. There’s no coffee quite like it.$18
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1000mg CBD Oil / .5oz

What People Are Saying This Brand

  • Unnecessarily to tell, the 419 Hemp label has managed to amass quite a huge number of support and customers who frequently visit their store to purchase their goods. These customers and clients are known as patrons. Their powerful hemp flowers, which are offered in their natural state and are also utilized as the raw materials in their goods created from hemp, give results that are satisfactory for all sorts of consumers and requirements.
  • However, what really distinguishes them apart from the competition is their unparalleled inventory. There is no possibility that you won’t discover anything that satisfies your particular tastes since there are items available to meet every requirement and for every function. CBD can be found in a wide variety of products, including those for the skin, edibles, probiotics, tinctures, raw flowers, cigarettes, or even scented candles. The goal is to find the CBD product that works best for you in the specific aspect of your life that you want to enhance.
  • A large number of devoted customers and fans of the 419 Hemp business frequent the all-in-one-location retail location in order to choose from a diverse range of items. The company markets its hemp flowers and manufactures products derived from hemp using its own hemp extracts. These hemp-derived products offer beneficial effects to consumers despite their varied lifestyles. Simply said, people adore 419 Hemp, and you will seldom ever come across a review that is less than positive.

419 Hemp Legal Compliance:

  • The company is committed to fulfilling its commitment to supply customers with hemp goods that are not only safe but also legal and provide the best possible value for their money. Before anything else, each and every one of their harvests is sent to third-party testing institutions so that the THC and CBD levels may be analyzed.
  • Only those batches are permitted to proceed to the following stage of their production process that are able to satisfy their predetermined specifications. Obviously, each and every one of their products has a THC content that is lower than the 0.3 percent threshold that has been set by the federal government, and as a result, they may be purchased and used lawfully in all fifty states.
  • At all times, it is 419 Hemp’s responsibility to offer customers with legally compliant and risk-free hemp. The company assures that all of its harvests and goods are put through testing by a third party that is independent from it in order to guarantee their legality and safety.
  • By acting in this manner, the company abides by its commitment to provide customers with the highest possible quality in order to get the most out of the money they spend. Before being sent out, the items are analyzed for their CBD and THC levels respectively.

Saving on Buying

There are a number of ways that you can save money while purchasing the products that 419 Hemp have to offer. Here are the top 3 ways you can save your hard-earned money while purchasing:

1-Buying on special days.
On days like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas season etc. prices on products are usually offered on mouth-watering discounts. You should seize this kind of opportunity to buy your favorite hemp products in order to save money.
2-Purchasing products in bulk.
Evidently, whenever you buy a particular hemp product in bulk, you save more money as opposed to when you purchase a handful. Be sure to make purchase in bulk and then you can save yourself some extra money.
3- Play the game of waiting.
While you are looking to make a purchase, you can also wait out. This will give you the opportunity to purchase when bundles and other forms of big sales are available. This is one of the best ways to save money while doing business with 419 Hemp.

Discounts And Coupons

419 Hemp often participates in and organizes local events, at which they set up pop-up booths to sell their wares and expand both their customer base and their reputation. These events give rise to the possibility of eye-popping reductions and promotional offers, both of which may assist you in reducing the amount of money you spend on your purchase.

Despite the fact that they do not have an email list and do not provide free delivery, if you visit their Growth Store, you may be eligible for a few freebies. It is imperative that you visit their actual shop whenever you get the opportunity to do so in order to take advantage of the clearance sale products that are now being offered there.

419 Hemp is proud of its reputation, and one way it promotes itself is by routinely participating in and organizing community events at which it sells a diverse selection of its goods at random pop-up booths. The buyers stand to benefit from the events since they come with chances for discounts and special offers that contribute to the buyers’ ability to save money. The firm does not provide free shipping offers to customers who live in states other than Minnesota. Because the company does not run any mailing list promotions, the only way to get discounts and special deals is to go to the actual shop in person, particularly when they are doing a clearance sale.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Choosing this Brand

Advantages :

  • A diverse assortment of goods offered for sale at a same location.
  • Legally in accordance with the terms of the agriculture legislation.
  • All of the goods are made from hemp grown by the firm itself.
  • Takes an active role in local events in order to market its wares and offer them at more reasonable pricing.

Disadvantages :

  • There are no offers of free delivery.
  • Visit the physical site to take advantage of the exclusive discounts and promotional deals available there.
  • No mailing list.

Frequently Asked Questions About 419 Hemp

#1- What kinds of cash and credit cards are accepted for payment?
Ans- You are able to make payments using the most popular methods that are offered. They are all suitable for use with 419 Hemp.
#2- How easy is it to navigate the website?
Ans- The website is of a satisfactory quality and is simple to navigate. It is simple to use from the moment you begin adding things to your shopping basket all the way through the checkout process. The website has a lot of features that make it easy to use.
#3- I was wondering whether they offered any kind of complimentary shipping services.
Ans- They certainly do. You receive free delivery for purchases above $25. You may also take advantage of certain additional shipping discounts, such as a flat rate of $5 for any item that is less than $25. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days that they are dedicated to shipping.


The inventory that 419 Hemp carries is what differentiates them from the vast majority of other hemp brands found around the state. The firm produces a wide variety of goods suitable for a wide variety of applications and requirements, including materials for construction and farming, foods, skincare items, tinctures, smokes, scented candles, nutritional supplements, and the hemp flower.
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