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1st Class Humidors Review – Top Quality Craftsmanship

1st Class Humidors
I like to smoke a cigar regularly, while I relax and kick my feet up on my back porch. It’s great to enjoy the taste of a high-quality cigar on a Saturday afternoon or really any day, to tell the truth. The owner of, in the late 90s, founded the company and began selling humidors online through his website.
Every year the company is experiencing growth financially, but more importantly, the item list on the website continues to grow and grow. With so many offerings, I find myself looking over humidors and accessories regularly to make sure I don’t miss anything. Cigars are a passion for me and many and I get excited when I find new items I may choose to buy.
There are a great many items available including;

  • Cigar Cabinets
  • Imperfect Cabinets
  • Accessories
  • Electronic Humidifiers
  • Hygrometers
  • Cigar Cutters
  • Punch Cutters
  • Cases and Tubes
  • Jars & Drymistat Tubes
  • Cigar lighters
  • Ashtrays
  • Acrylic jars
  • Minder Clips
  • Cigar Bags, and even imperfect accessories are available through the online eCommerce store.

I always feel taken care of when buying online, because knows how to take care of their customers. If an item arrives and is not what I expected, the customer service reps will help find a solution to the problem. That really is a great service that I appreciate.


Cigar Humidors

A great thing about the online store is that it seems all the cigar humidors are on discount all the time. All the humidors are made with top-quality craftsmanship and offer Spanish cedar to deliver a humidor that makes the storing of cigars successful. There are so many humidors to look through on the website, it may take a while to find that perfect fit.

There are cigar humidors of all sizes, from small, to medium, to large. There are also

  • Military
  • Travel
  • Commercial
  • Glass top
  • Cabinet

Often there are package humidor deals that can be used as a gift for the known cigar smoker. With so many options on the website to choose from, there is a big flux in price, so anyone can find the perfect humidor for their needs and wants.


The Carlton

Glass top cigar humidors are very popular as well and there are sales on the website available. There really are a great number of deals on the website spanning across their cigar humidor collection.

Baldwin & Saint Lucia Ashtray Combo


Cigar Cabinets

Depending on how many cigars you have accumulated, I have bought a great many to enjoy, the size of the cigar cabinet needed will depend upon that. has the perfect size cigar cabinet no matter the need.

Cigar cabinets offered can hold anywhere from 600-4000 cigars. Be it personal use or even if a cigar shop needs new cigar cabinets can take care of your needs. Anybody needing a cigar cabinet will find solutions that will work for point of sales locations, bars or clubs, hotel lounges, smoking rooms, and more.

Depending on how many cigars you want to store, and the level of care you want to give your cigars, prices can vary greatly depending on needs. Currently, on the website, there are lots of sales to be found and to capitalize on.

The Oxford

I told you there are great deals on the website, look at those price savings. Stepping up in size, this wooden cabinet, called THE Billagio, is a beautiful wooden cabinet with glass doors and is on special sale price for $2,195.88 and the retail price is $4,390.00 and that is a savings of $2,195.88.

The Billagio

Imperfect Cigar Cabinets

I am not an “everything has to be perfect” type of person and maybe some of you are also. If you don’t mind a tiny scratch, defect, or dent on the cabinet, there are great savings to be grabbed on the website. There are a great many imperfect cigar cabinets and humidors to be purchased on the website.


Cigar Accessories offers great deals on many products across the website and smoking accessories are not to be forgotten. They carry a full line of cigar accessories that include, but are not limited to;

  • Electronic humidifiers
  • Bullet cutters
  • Cigar cutters
  • Cigar cases
  • Ashtrays
  • Lighters, and more
Keep your cigars from becoming dry and undesirable by using a humidifier such as the Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0, which can humidity up to 300 cigars. It is currently on sale for $129.99 and the retail price is $169.00 and that saves you $39.01. There is a ton of variety offered on the website, so make sure to check it out.

Cigar Oasis ultra3.0

Shipping And Customer Service

I really get a good piece of mind when I order from this company. I always feel like I am well taken care of and the checkout process is simple. After I order an item, the order generally ships in two days or less, so I get my purchase fast.

If I have an issue, I do feel the issue is addressed professionally and with care. The policy they use is a full customer satisfaction guarantee and I like that. If I don’t like the product, they will give me my money back unconditionally. It’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. If I have a problem with the color not matching up to how I thought it would look, they will still work with me to take care of the issue.

Coupon & Discounts

Different coupons and discounts become available often. Be sure to stop by the website regularly to get the gear you like and save money at the same time.

Shop Gift Cards

Purchase a gift card for a family or friend or anyone who likes cigars. The gift cards never expire and can be used in person, by phone, or online. Gift card denominations start at $25 and go up to $3000. Gift cards are offered with many themes for different occasions.

Gold Gift Card

Available from $25 – $3000. Personalize & Send by Email or Postal Mail to the Recipient.

Christmas Snowman Gift Card

Available from $25 – $3000. Personalize & Send by Email or Postal Mail to the Recipient.

Hanukkah Holiday Gift Card

Available from $25 – $3000. Personalize & Send by Email or Postal Mail to the Recipient.

Check Gift Card Balance

You can check your Check Gift Card Balance online at the website.

Daily Deals

Offering special offers and deals on many different products. Limited quantities, so are sure to shop now to get the items you want.

Pros & Con

There are different pros and cons to different cigars, and the same goes for humidors. Some humidors offer better humidity control over others. It's important to weigh the differences between the products and choose what is needed.

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Many answers to the most common questions about humidors are available online. If you have a question that goes beyond these needs we are happy to answer your questions directly.

1st Class Humidors Review – Top Quality Craftsmanship
1st Class Humidors Review – Top Quality Craftsmanship

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